Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Current Wishlist .....

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I know this list is  going to change and I also know that starting a blog around this time is  not one of my best decisions but I thought I would give it a go since so many people have been asking me to do on instagtram, (please not I am also doing this as a favour to my old school teacher for him to use with his ict class)  I thought I would start with a wishlist because its a safe options and people are always asking me what are you going to buy when you next go shopping or on my next visit to American Apparel so this is what is currently on my shopping list.

I have been wanting some kind of duster coat/ kimono thing for ages because sometimes I want something to throw on instead of a jacket which can be very heavy. I am not a fan of New Look there clothes just don't interest me however I saw this online for £30 and I'm considering it because it seems like a good price compared to the American apparel one which is £50.

Vagaaaaabonds I swear to God this shoe must be on every girls wishlist at the moment. I have tired on these boots so many times I want them so much, with white Joni jeans omg they will look amazing so yep vagabonds and white Joni jeans i will be definitely getting soon.

I love love love zara bags I think there bags are amazing quality and I saw this one the other day. The simplicity of the bag means I can wear it with any outfit but also its big enough to fit all my collage books in. 

Finally the American Apparel stuff. I already own the white striped lolita set but I feel like its a piece u wear when your going out to a party so I wanted to get a least the black grid top just to wear everyday with jeans. I tried the riding pants on last weeks and I fell in love with them I just don't know if I can bring myself to spend £64 on them.

And there u have it my current wihslist.....